How to Create Email Groups in G Suite

Email Groups

G Suite is great for email – we setup and recommend G Suite email for all our clients.

In some cases, the client requests that all email sent to a particular email address can be received by multiple email addresses in the organization.

This is most commonly referred to as an email group in G Suite.

Messages sent to the group email address will be automatically routed to all group members.

How to create email groups in G Suite

  1. Name your group
  2. Enter the group email address – for example
  3. Set the Access Level to “Public”
  4. If you would like all your users in the organization to receive the emails sent to the group, tick the box “Add all users within (domain name) to this group”

Posting Permissions

We also need to make sure that the posting permissions of the group were set to “public” so anyone could send messages to the group. These are the steps to set the permissions:

  1. Go to ‘Groups” in the Admin console and click the name of the group
  2. Click “Access settings”
  3. Select “Basic permissions” on the left in the new window and then select “Public” in the who can post section
  4. Save the changes.

Now you are done. If you need any further info or need help in completing this – we offer our paid services –

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