How to Recover a Lost Facebook Business Page

How to Speak to a Real Person at Facebook

Facebook does not make it easy for you to contact them. Just go and try finding a phone number or even a chat support page.

For the general public, you simply can’t, and there is a reason for this = you have to pay to play with Facebook.

So, if you want to recover a lost Facebook page, you will have to do this through a Facebook Business Manager Account.

Don’t have a Facebook Business Manager Account? You may have to create one to chat to their support.

Instructions below to contact chat support at Facebook:

Step by Step Instructions to Contact Facebook Chat Support

To access the chat support, visit the following Business Chat Support Page:

You will then be shown this page. Click the “Get Started” button as shown below:

How to recover a lost facebook page instructions

The following Facebook “How Can We Help?” Page will appear.

Click “Business Pages” category button.

Lost Facebook Page Recovery

You will now be displayed the following page:

Click on the button “Chat with a Representative” to chat with a real person on Facebook.

How to chat with a Facebook Representative

The final page is where Facebook as a few questions to brief the Facebook Representative before you speak to them live:

Fill out the required details Facebook request to the best of your ability. If you cannot see your lost Facebook Page in the list, just select another from the list and then add the lost Facebook page in the comments area at the bottom of the page.

How to chat to a real life person at Facebook

You will now have a chat window open in Facebook Messenger from the Chat Support Team.
They will have a Bot asking you a few questions, just skip through them to chat to a real person at Facebook.

Chatting to a real person at Facebook


Facebook Chat Support

The Facebook representative will ask have you attempted to contact the old Administrator of the page. You will have to tell them the truth so they will be able to help you best. In our experience helping clients get their old pages back, they have had either no idea of who set the page up, or it was by an ex-employee that is no longer contactable.

The chat representative will ask you a few questions, then request you send them a stack of official paperwork, along with everything signed and authorised by a Public Notary.

Below is an example of what they will require from you if you are attempting to recover a lost Facebook Business Page that you no longer have access to.

PRO TIP: it will be handy to have this all ready to go when you chat with Facebook Support, otherwise you will have to go through the whole process again later when you do chat again – although in that instance, they will have your original request on file, which will help in the ongoing case to get your Facebook Page recovered.

Information Facebook Request to recover a lost Business Page

1. A copy of a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a current driver’s license or a passport, of the individual signing the statement. See the different kinds of IDs we accept in the Help Center:

2. A notarized and signed statement from a person with sufficient knowledge and authority over this matter that includes all of the following:

a. A description of your relationship to the Page (and authority to request a change in the person(s) who manage the Page, as applicable); **also include that you would like this Page removed from the Business Manager that it is owned in.***

b. The name of the current person(s) who manage the Page, as applicable;

c. The relationship of the above person(s) to the Page;

d. An explanation of your request, and whether there has been a termination of the employment and/or business relationship with the named person(s), as applicable;

e. Government official signed business license from the advertiser;

f. All documentation supporting your request [SPECIFY HERE IF APPLICABLE BASED ON REQUEST: including death certificate OR including a declaration from legal counsel on transfer of Page ownership rights];

g. The Facebook account or email address associated with the Facebook account (or Timeline) that you wish to have added as the new admin of the Page; and

h. A declaration under penalty of perjury that the information you have provided is true and accurate (your statement must include this language).


There you have it, step by step instructions on how to recover a lost Facebook Account. Its quite a process in getting your lost Facebook page back when someone else created it for you.

As I said, it’s a quite involved process, and it should be, as you want to know that Facebook has procedures to keep your data safe.

Good luck!

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