Why you need a good FAQ’s page on your Website

As part of your Web Design process, you will need to send us your 10 most frequently asked questions.
These are the questions customers ask you all the time (we all have them!)
Even ask your team to see what they come up with.
You may be really busy and it may take a little time, but we put these on a page on your site so that most of your clients will read them – saving you so much time from answering them over and over in person in the long run.
The idea of a great laid out website with strong FAQ’s is to move your customers through your buying process, so when it comes time for them to pick up the phone or visit you, they already have most of their questions answered and are ready to purchase from you. Then it’s just a matter of you providing the best possible solution to their need.
FAQ’s are also great to lead your customers to a particular solution – a sort of way of suggesting through a question being answered.
It’s all about productivity! Leveraging technology to work for you.
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