UTM Tracking Codes for Google My Business

To measure website clicks from your Google My Business profile, and have them appear in Google Analytics reports, you will need to create “UTM Tracking Codes”.

UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. UTM codes are tracked in Google Analytics.

UTM Codes look like this: https://domain.com/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=location_1&utm_campaign=website

UTM Tracking Codes

Use the Google UTM Campaign Builder Tool to create your Google My Business UTM Codes.

google my business organic utm builder

UTM Tracking Multiple GMB Locations in Google Analytics

How to create UTM code for Google My Business

This creates the tracking URL:


Or you can create another variation of the same, but this time for an appointment:


Using UTM Codes for Tracking Google My Business Traffic in Google Analytics.

With UTM tracking, we like to future proof our reports in Google Analytics. As businesses grow, multiple locations open up and having the UTM tracking codes scaleable makes reporting simple.

All we have to do to distinguish different locations is to name them differently in the ‘Medium’ level. Now we are able to separately track more than one location, as well as the different links from each of those locations.

This is where you would enter it in Google My Business:

google my business utm tracking in analytics

When we want to see the numbers, all we just need to drill down the data appropriately in Google Analytics to find it all.

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